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This system has been retired

This Devon Online Orientation system has been retired.

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This site is designed for tablets in landscape mode and desktop computers.


Can you please send me my password?
For security reasons we do not keep passwords on file. However, if you forget your password please use the "Forgot Account" option when logging in.
Why is the program telling me that my preferred user name is taken while I'm creating a new account?
All user names must be unique to help keep track of individual users. If your preferred user name is already taken by another user, simply select another user name.
How can I remove a orientation from my user profile?
You may edit your account information including your locations by clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of the page.
I was not able to print my certificate when I performed the Devon Energy Online Orientation. How do I print it now?
Using a computer with a printer, log back in to the Devon Energy Online Orientation. Once you have logged in, you will be presented with your certificate.
Can I sign up a group of people to view the Devon Energy Online Orientation at once?
No, the Devon Energy Online Orientation is individual based. Each person will have to do the orientation separately.
The video has frozen. What do I do?
Try clearing your browser cache, closing your browser, opening your browser and re-logging in to the orientation to see if it will allow you to continue.
My internet connection is through wireless air card, satellite or dial-up. Why are the videos freezing?
None of these internet connections are optimal for viewing large amounts of video content.
Will I have to restart the Devon Energy Online Orientation if I log out?
The Devon Energy Online Orientation keeps track of all completed modules. When you log back in, the orientation will start off at your first unfinished module.

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